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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Nov 30, 2018

Dealbreaker: noun. a factor or issue that, if unresolved, would cause one party to withdraw from a deal. What’s that one thing that you cannot/will not overlook or tolerate? What grosses you out in other people’s eating/drinking/dancing/traveling/clothing habits? What used to be a dealbreaker and now is a mere shoulder shrug? Was there a dealbreaker that totally shifted your life?

This week's storytellers include:

  • Vene Aguirre
  • Angela Orlando
  • Levonne Gaddy
  • Ron Lancaster
  • Jess Kapp

This episode was performed and recorded at Sea of Glass Center for the Arts in Tucson, Arizona, on December 6th, 2018, and is curated by Ethel Lee-Miller. For more information, please visit