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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Nov 9, 2018

Last week, you heard Odyssey's most recent show, Big Brother, curated by Molly McCloy. This week, you'll hear a story from Nemesis, the oldest Odyssey show so far to be featured on this podcast, which was also curated by Molly McCloy. And the story, as it happens, is told by...Molly McCloy! It's about one of the most basic kinds of nemesis: the bullying teacher. Except this teacher had no idea what she was getting herself into. From Molly's Odyssey bio:

Molly McCloy is a four-time Moth StorySLAM winner with work published in Nerve, Swink, and Slate. She will be teaching a Creative Nonfiction course for Pima Community College beginning January 2019, and she also offers story coaching for individuals and organizations. To find out more contact her at

This episode was performed and recorded in front of a live audience at The Screening Room on May 7th, 2015. For more information about Odyssey Storytelling, please visit