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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Jan 11, 2019

It's been a while since we went through our storytellers' dirty laundry, so let's go back to 2016 and check in with Matthew Mutz, who found out first-hand that a little casual drug dealing isn't necessarily everything it's cracked up to be. From Matthew's Odyssey bio:

Matthew Trace Mutz, born and raised in Missouri, swore he would never live in  Kansas, but has been there since 1978.  He’s an Aquarius, single, 61ish, Eagle Scout, active in the Masonic Lodge, Shriner, and presently lives in Belleville, KS.  Matt is the Warehouse Foreman for Reinke Manufacturing (one of the big 3 in the center pivot irrigation industry, the circles on the ground that you see when you fly.)  He has two ex-wives (very good women) and 3 great sons.  Matt always thought he would find a redhead to take long rides with on his Harley and live happily ever after.  He found love again at 55, but Love moved to Hawaii 2 years ago, and he hates Hawaii.  Matt is an adventurer, bow-hunter, Republican (I know), Class President in HS, and voted Most Humorous and Most Likely to Take a Life, Class of ’73.  No formal education, attended the Farmers University of Central KS, (good ol’ F**K U!)  His music interests range from Mozart to Marilyn Manson….he also loves the blues but it depresses him.  Over the years he has been a motel owner/operator, general contractor, tile setter, and Jack of All Trades, Master of none.  He believes every kick in the ass is a boost forward.  He also believes that when you reach 60, you shouldn’t have to pee in the cup….(he also believed that at 30,40, & 50).

This episode was performed and recorded in front of a live audience at The Screening Room in Tucson, AZ, on November 3rd, 2016, and was curated by Roscoe Mutz. For more information about Odyssey Storytelling, please visit