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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Jun 12, 2020

Shelter in place, lock down, quarantine. As the world seemed to hit the pause button on regular life activities, our stories continued unabated. Join us for our second ever virtual show as we provide an opportunity for our storytellers to share their challenges and triumphs from the age of COVID-19.
Storytellers include:
  • Jana Segal-Stormont
  • Troy Larkin
  • Brett Kramer
  • Lisa Cardenas
  • Steve Braun
  • Ethel Lee-Miller

Please be advised that this show contains numerous visual elements that do not translate to an audio-only format. For a more complete experience of the Quarantine show, check out the video version here:

The Quarantine show was recorded online and curated by Roscue Mutz. For more information on Odyssey Storytelling, please visit