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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Feb 25, 2018

What we do for a living. Our hobbies. The clothes we like to wear and the foods we like to eat. The stories we tell the people around us, and the profiles we create online. What does it really mean to “know” someone? For most of us, there is a spectrum of what we share and who we let in. There are those we tell our deepest secrets to, and those we keep at arm’s length. There are things we reveal to the masses, and things we save for ourselves. And sometimes what we think we know about others, and even ourselves, is just what we want to believe.

This week's storytellers include:

  • Cherie Johnston
  • Joe Silins
  • DaNel Hogan
  • Pamela Asbury-Smith
  • Nick Breckenfeld
  • Ben Tyler

This episode was performed and recorded at Sea of Glass in Tucson, Arizona, on February 1st, 2018, and is curated by Jess Kapp. For more information, please visit