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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Oct 9, 2020

Worlds turned upside down. Unexpected, unexplained, or under-explained experiences. Familiar face or complete stranger? Things that give you goosebumps or make the hair on your neck stand at attention. Quirky or creepy? A little bit off...or completely off the charts? Get weird, eerie, and/or perplexed with Odyssey as we ponder and attempt to make sense of life’s stranger things.

Storytellers include:

  • Cassandra Bendickson
  • Joe Silins
  • Jan Stapleman
  • Ursula Bachofer
  • Linda Ray
  • Robert Alvarez

Check out the video version here:

The Stranger Things show was recorded online and curated by Steve Braun and Roscoe Mutz. For more information on Odyssey Storytelling, please visit