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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

It’s Odyssey’s birthday again! Let’s celebrate with stories of all the beautiful cultures represented in our Odyssey family. We all come from very different backgrounds, races, ethnicities and experiences. These show up in our foods, our languages, the way we speak, what we wear and most of all how we treat each other. That’s the beauty of diversity! In the spirit of Odyssey’s mission to create community one story at a time – come listen, learn and appreciate difference.

Storytellers include:

  • Steve Braun
  • Susana Perez-Abreu
  • Blake Gentry
  • Rhonda Wren
  • Liz Rabago
  • Bryan Castle

We’re incredibly excited to share that we have officially launched our Patreon site. As you know, we have not charged for shows the entire pandemic, and as you can imagine, that has taken it’s toll. As a nonprofit we rely on proceeds from the shows to stay financially sustainable. If you love Odyssey as much as we know you do, please purchase a membership to our shows and help Odyssey reach it’s goal of financial stability.
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And since it's our 17th anniversary show, please visit our Facebook page to bid for items in our annual auction fundraiser!

The Cultivation show was produced online and curated by Ana Montañez. For more information on Odyssey Storytelling, please visit