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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

Tarnished, messy, grubby, or gross. Dirty jobs reluctantly (or excitedly) completed. Pollution, contamination, and related activism. Cheating, scheming, and deeds done dirt cheap. Bawdy, edgy, filthy, and certainly not safe for work. Pack an extra change of clothes and a bottle of hand sanitizer, because Odyssey is getting “Dirty” in February.

TRIGGER WARNING: The "Dirty" show contains more mature content than a typical Odyssey show and some stories may have sexually explicit language and situations, grotesque content, and other potentially upsetting topics. While Odyssey remains uncensored for all shows, audience members should treat this show as "R-Rated." Life is sometimes messy, difficult, and dirty, but we would like to reduce any unintentional trauma by providing this warning.

Storytellers include:

  • Mo Goldman
  • Jan Stapleman
  • Lisa Cardenas
  • Mary Jo Pollack
  • Terry Ahearn
  • Melanie Black

This episode was performed and recorded at Sea of Glass Center for the Arts in Tucson, Arizona, on February 6th, 2020, and is curated (because of course it is) by Roscoe Mutz. For more information, please visit