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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

May 30, 2020

Hey everyone, look! We found the "Lost" show! And as a special treat during these difficult times, we present it to you here in full! Well, admittedly it's been reconstructed -- we don't know the original order of the stories. And the sound quality isn't the best. The stories, however, are wonderful, and we very much hope you enjoy them. Storytellers include:

  • Steven Braun
  • Jerry Diaz
  • Crystal Melara
  • Patty Walmann
  • Alice Webb
  • Hannah Woelke

This episode was performed and recorded at The Screening Room in Tucson, Arizona, on August 4th, 2016, and was curated by Sarah K. Smith. For more information, including full storyteller bios, please visit And please, take care of yourselves. It's rough times out there.