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The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast

Nov 1, 2019

The Natural show from October 2016 was the source of the first individual story on this podcast, and as of this episode, we have released all six stories from that show! We close out Natural with Jess Kapp, whose life was changed forever when she found things that came naturally in places she'd never expected. From Jess' Odyssey bio:

Jess Kapp is a geologist, educator, and writer. She teaches geology at the University of Arizona, where she is an associate professor of practice and the director of undergraduate studies in the department of geosciences. She is writing a memoir about how death and geology changed her life and set her on a path of self-discovery in the remote Tibetan wilderness. Her latest project, Plucky Ladies, is a podcast that explores female curiosity, perseverance, and feats of excellence through interviews with women across a variety of disciplines. You can find the podcast on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, or on Jess’s website Jess enjoys running, reading, spending time with her husband and two sons, and volunteering for Odyssey Storytelling.

This episode was performed and recorded in front of a live audience at The Screening Room in Tucson, AZ, on October 6th, 2-16, and was curated by Tony Paniagua. For more information about Odyssey Storytelling, please visit